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This is the personal website of John D’Mille, author and story writer. This is where information on my books is to be found, those that are published and two that are still in the dreaming. 

Books and Stories are my main pursuit, but I fill dull moments by writing other things, some of which are included in my short stories and poetry. Most poets write poetry for the beauty of words in reminiscences or aspirations for a better world. I find a wealth of wisdom and happiness in the works of great poets and never-ending inspiration for writing. 

John D'Mille began an exciting working life as a carpenter’s trainee, but that came to an end at the bottom of a ladder. Some believed that the boy with the funny leg should never have been on the ladder; that would have been sadder than falling off it!
The aroma of new timber and the music of hammer and saw were in my DNA, along with a very odd mixture of other fascinations. 

The ladder was a kind of metaphor for the ups and downs of my life. I have had many jobs and was paid for some of them. I have a great love for the out-doors and found ways to compensate for the doors that closed with that fall.  Teaching was most fulfilling, wood-work, history and religious studies, and when the legs failed ultimately, there was a thesis to write in theoretical law to augment those elusive jobs in university tutoring.

The objective now is to write entertaining novels and stories and just to fix everything that needs fixing, but at 73 and somewhat physically confined, that is getting to be a long shot. Still, life is never tedious.

My wife is Cecily and she does most of the work here. Greg keeps the wheel chair at high speed when I get out in it. Greg is a downs syndrome young man, a valued worker at his Vikings Club and at Vinneys, where he volunteers assistance, a couple of afternoons each week.

Daughter Lisa and her husband Michael, Artist-Art Teacher and Network Manager respectively, raise the grandchildren, to great heights of success and stature. Six feet five inches is the record so far. Ciaran, Shahana, Ethan and Annika, keep my life interesting and enjoyable.

The plan behind these website pages was to introduce enjoyable reading and to record some ideas that might be of benefit to others. There are ideas for any young person who has the interest, the patience or the kindness to read them. Most importantly, try to understand that you are unique! Heed your parents and grand-parents and others who love you, but don't take gratuitous advice from others lightly. I hope you will recognise some of that conviction in the pages that follow.

Being unique as a public dimension is hard work for most of us; it is different if you have some outstanding characteristic. Being a great athlete, a successful film star or a millionaire might help, but the shine wears off for many of them. The easiest thing I can say is that I never wanted to be one! But being unique is a gift from birth and it helps to understand that; it doesn'tmatter if no-one else knows about it, and that might be as well.


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